Harry Potter and the Strange Case of the Snuggling

Summary: Harry keeps awaking wrapped around Draco, who does Not Do Cuddling with all the extra seriousness the capitalisation awards. 

Author: Mebina Sobriquet
Rated: M
Genre: Romance/Humor
Status: Complete 

Only the ring finger knows

Summary: When Sakura decides to force destiny and makes in a sex shop for a powerful aphrodisiac, she is far from suspecting that she will give the nicest of present for her Sasuke-kun. 

Author: Haganemaru
Rated: M
Genre: Romance/Humor
Status: Complete 


Of Tea and Kisses

Summary: Zuko and Katara discuss kissing over tea, and both end up flustered to some degree.

Author: firelordzuzu
Rating: T
Genre: Romance


young & naive | a sam puckett/freddie benson mix as dirty little hipsters

001 young blood - THE NAKED AND FAMOUS
002 animal (billboard remix) - KE$HA
003 punching in a dream - THE NAKED AND FAMOUS
004 lazy eye - SILVERSUN PICKUPS
005 shake it out - FLORENCE + THE MACHINE
006 float on - MODEST MOUSE
007 get some - LYKKE LI
008 elephant gun - BEIRUT
009 walking on a dream - EMPIRE OF THE SUN
010 skinny love (das kapital rerub) - BON IVER
011 little bit - LYKKE LI
012 kiss me in the dark - THE RANDY ROGERS BAND
013 our deal - BEST COAST
014 you are a tourist - DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE
015 flightless bird, american mouth - IRON & WINE
018 the suburbs (arcade fire cover) - MR. LITTLE JEANS 
019 sea of glass - TOM MIDDLETON

accompanying fic
(ugh I broke so many mix-making rules on this [repeating artists, excessive length, using soundtrack songs, fucking SKINNY LOVE] but wtf ever it’s for a fic so it’s okay)

58: Your Call

Summary: “Honestly, Sam, if you wanted to hear my voice, you could have just CALLED.”

Author: cali-chan
Rating: T
Genre: Romance
Chapters: 10
Status: Complete 

The Unrecorded Hours

Summary: Katniss and Peeta in the weeks and months after the war.

Author: hollycomb
Rated: M
Genre: Romance/Drama

1/? Electric Shock Gif Sets

Sorry about Amber. I promise it will better later on


makorra by *viria13


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